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Bold handmade pet fashion for your furry friend to stand out from the pack

Reversible Bandanas

BonBon Bags

About us

Welcome to Qupeck, where passion meets craftsmanship in the creation of exquisite handmade pet clothes and accessories. Born from the skilled hands of dedicated women artisans across Turkey, our products redefine pet fashion with a commitment to quality, comfort, and the wellbeing of your furry companions. At Qupeck, we not only adorn your pets with style but also empower women through meaningful employment opportunities. We believe in fostering a community that values both fashion and social responsibility, allowing your pets to express their unique personalities while contributing to the empowerment of talented women artisans. Join us in celebrating the bond between pets and their owners, as we weave together style, comfort, and empowerment at Qupeck.

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